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May. 27th, 2010 @ 01:49 pm robbeh00.tumblr.com
is where you can find me active... not like i'm *not* active here. Just in different ways :)
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Jun. 5th, 2006 @ 03:53 pm SZCANDALOUZS
<[Potty]> ahhhhhhhhh do I really have to tell about my sexxx life? X_X
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Nik_]> PREACH!
>:| you're the only one in here who we can INSTIG8
<[Potty]> Uhh we started dating Feb 2005
<[Nik_]> omgz
<[Nik_]> hizt0ry
<[Nik_]> i dunno
<[Potty]> haha
<[Potty]> And dated for lyke 2 months and had "Sex" or whatever you want to call it and broke up
<[Potty]> Do you need more details?
<[Potty]> We went to his friends house
yah the "sex" paht
<[Potty]> after track practice
<[Potty]> and listened to music
<[Potty]> our song was "O" by Omarion
(dirty jazz music starts playing in the backround)
ooo kewl
<[Potty]> because my middle name starts with an O
AWE <$
<[Potty]> and then we were in the floor
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<[Potty]> ahhhhhhhhh do I really have to tell about my sexxx life? X_X
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Nik_]> PREACH!
<newt> >:| you're the only one in here who we can INSTIG8
<[Potty]> Uhh we started dating Feb 2005
<[Nik_]> omgz
<[Nik_]> hizt0ry
<[Nik_]> i dunno
<[Potty]> haha
<[Potty]> And dated for lyke 2 months and had "Sex" or whatever you want to call it and broke up
<[Potty]> Do you need more details?
<[Potty]> We went to his friends house
<newt> yah the "sex" paht
<[Potty]> after track practice
<[Potty]> and listened to music
<[Potty]> our song was "O" by Omarion
<Dev> (dirty jazz music starts playing in the backround)
<newt> ooo kewl
<[Potty]> because my middle name starts with an O
<newt> AWE <$
<[Potty]> and then we were in the floor
<newt> <O
<Morgie> so does orgasm
<[Potty]> and
<[Potty]> haha
<Dev> so does Oliveoil
<[Potty]> I said he has lips like a white boy
<Morgie> true
<[Potty]> cuz he's mixed
<[Potty]> and then he pretended to get mad at me
<[Potty]> and went into the bed room
<[Potty]> and got on the bed
<newt> ooooo
<[Potty]> and someone told me to go in there and talk to him
<[Potty]> so I did
<Dev> nik aint talkin
<newt> which one played the gurl
<Dev> i WONDAH WHAT he doin
<[Potty]> and...the rest
<[Potty]> yah
<[Potty]> haha
* [Nik_] stops maztab8ing
<[Potty]> lmao
<[Nik_]> IM HURR
<Dev> good
<Dev> no cream on they keys
<[Potty]> we switched multiple times
<[Potty]> we didn't have intercourse
<[Nik_]> wait did you do ANAL?????????????????/
<[Nik_]> ok
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> sorreh, I aint takin iT UP the ass
<Morgie> it was oral yp
<[Nik_]> cuz thats nASTY omgaidsz
<Dev> anyone got a tissue
<newt> that's STEAMY
<[Potty]> and then we kept kissing
<[Potty]> making out
* [Nik_] hands devin a tissue
<[Nik_]> I DO
<Dev> i gotsa sneeze
<[Potty]> and touching each other
<newt> AWE
<[Potty]> GRINDING
<Dev> influenza
<[Nik_]> did you both blow eACHoTHAh
<[Potty]> and then he pulled my shirt up and my pants down
* Dev applies nasal spray
<newt> doi he said that
<[Potty]> hehez
<[Potty]> BLOW JOB
<[Nik_]> um FUCK. yOU.
<Dev> ok he lyin
<[Nik_]> okay CunTINUE
<[Potty]> I didn't go down on him
<blackwind> did he wear a jacket?
<[Potty]> Lmfao
<Dev> rofl
<Dev> blackwind
<newt> what the fuck
<[Potty]> a jacket for what?
<newt> i dont get it
<[Potty]> nooo
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Nik_]> the gay octagon cluB
<newt> what else did you d0
* Leach_C has quit IRC (Cya )
<Morgie> mmm gurl, this is why i watch Queer as Folk!
<[Nik_]> rofl
<[Nik_]> omg i seen that show once!
<newt> WHO CAME FIRST?! :D
<[Potty]> :S
<Morgie> great show ^^
<[Nik_]> i downloaded it by accident *shiftyeYeZ* no surriously id id
<[Potty]> Meeee
<[Potty]> lmao
<newt> AWE <O
<[Nik_]> did you SWALLOW!?
<newt> lmfao
<[Potty]> No. I didn't go down on HIM
<newt> NO MESS :D
<[Potty]> Omg
<[Potty]> I cummed in his mouth
<[Potty]> on accident
<[Potty]> :S
<[Potty]> lmao
<Dev> omg i just got so horny i tried suckin my own cock and i barfed on it
<newt> did you have to clean it up
<[Potty]> and then he spit it back up on my stomach
<[Potty]> yahz
<[Nik_]> omg BAD POTTY! dont cum in peoples moUTH >:|
<[Nik_]> NOT. NICE.
<[Potty]> :(
<[Potty]> with a washcloth or something
<newt> ah
<newt> did he clean it?
<[Potty]> and I was supposed to be at home. I lost track of time
<[Nik_]> omg *takes noteS*
<[Potty]> No, I did.
* Dev opens his mouth
<[Nik_]> lmao devin
<newt> lmao
<[Nik_]> <Dev> omg i just got so horny i tried suckin my own cock and i barfed on it
<[Potty]> And I was like, "shit I gotta go home."
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<Dev> hahahahaha
<[Potty]> lmfao
<[Potty]> So we finished up
<[Nik_]> *just cummed in someones mouth* I HAVE TO GO MOMMAS COOKIN COLLA GREENS :)
<[Potty]> and he tried to kiss me
<[Potty]> and I was like, "Ewwww no."
<Dev> rofl
<newt> so romantic >D
<[Potty]> cuz he had that stuff in his mouth
<Dev> blackpeople and colla greens
<newt> lmfao
<[Nik_]> omg it tastes good
<Morgie> ahaha
<[Nik_]> jayKAY
<[Potty]> So then I walked back to the school
<[Potty]> cuz it was right up the street
<[Nik_]> in the gh3tt0?
<newt> *cums all over face* "KISS ME" "EW NO BITCH" *runs home*
<[Potty]> and I call my mom and I'm lyke, "Mom, track meet is over."
<[Potty]> Lol no
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<[Potty]> So she comes to pick me up
<[Potty]> The end. ^_^
<newt> haha
<Dev> mommy black meat is over
<Dev> what son?
<[Nik_]> omg mizcheviouZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz
* Morgie claps
<Dev> track meet?
<[Nik_]> lmfao black meat
<newt> does she know what you did?
<Morgie> good storeh
<[Potty]> rofl
<[Nik_]> rofl
<newt> lmfao
<[Potty]> No
<newt> good one devin
<newt> PROPz
<[Nik_]> black meat iS IN MY MOUTH
<newt> rofl
<[Potty]> But then the next day my mom took us out to eat. (my sisters and I)
<[Potty]> and we were talking about sex
<Morgie> who wants triscuits?
<[Nik_]> omg theres more
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> and she's like, "Alex, have you had sex?"
<[Nik_]> i hate triscuits. ew
<[Nik_]> whtd u say
* Morgie sits back down
<[Nik_]> were u like NO *shifty EYEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
<[Potty]> "No, mama."
<newt> lmao
<newt> LIEZ
<Dev> i came
<[Potty]> haha
<[Potty]> lmao
<newt> haha
<Dev> i came to the resteraunt you were at*
<[Nik_]> omgzz
<[Potty]> And then we lyke broke up on our 2 month anniversary
<[Nik_]> tell us about your other sexual endeavours
<newt> "does oral count?" *cums all over little sister*
<[Nik_]> omg sad :( okay tell us the other fuck stories
<[Potty]> haha
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<Dev> im a virgin :D YAY
<[Nik_]> this is only like the 3rd sex story i ever heard
<newt> yeah potty THIS IS ENLIGHTENING
<[Nik_]> and like one of them didnt count
<[Potty]> Hmm. Would you count oral as losing virginity?
<[Potty]> WHO KNOWS
<[Nik_]> cuz all it was is like "yah he put a condom on but it was INSIDE OUT so we didnt have sex"
<newt> lmao
<[Nik_]> n i was like :| boring
<Dev> rofl
<Dev> hahaha
<[Potty]> lmfao
<newt> yah potty, do you have any othah storiez
<[Nik_]> yah
<[Nik_]> even if its with guys I STILL LIKE IT dontquotemeonthat:|
<[Potty]> Um, I guess so.
<[Potty]> lmao
<newt> YAY
<newt> *gets out lube*
<Dev> its allready tattooed on my anus
<[Nik_]> lmao newt
<[Potty]> But that was the most intersting
<[Nik_]> werE SO BiSEeXUAL RIGh TNoW loLZ!111111
<newt> *uses bacon grease as lube*
<newt> MMMMMM
<[Nik_]> whats tattooed on yo anus? Oo
<[Nik_]> lmao
<newt> GOOD SHIT
<[Potty]> Hmm. A long tyme ag0z
<[Potty]> rofl
<[Nik_]> OINK ONK MOTHERFUCKER *sticks dick in pigs mouth*
<newt> rofl
<[Potty]> I had a crush on a guy
<Dev> uses honey mustard as lube
<[Nik_]> mah MEATS BETTAH THAN yoZ
<[Potty]> but I thought he was straight
<[Potty]> and then
<[Potty]> one dai
<[Nik_]> omg honey mustard=the SExz
<Dev> i no
<[Nik_]> one dai he fuCKE DYOU!?
<[Potty]> um
<[Potty]> haha
<[Potty]> nooo
<[Potty]> hold on
<newt> i MUST KNOW
<[Potty]> it's hard to remember
<[Nik_]> i thought he was str8..until he put his cock in my mouth
<[Potty]> this happened awhile back
<Dev> morgie's like WTF
<newt> did you just jack each other off?
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> oh and we were giving wet willies
<Morgie> nah
<[Nik_]> yeah shes not talkin
<newt> because that'd be cool
<[Nik_]> i think shes barfing
<newt> lmao
<Morgie> i heard all this before...
<[Potty]> he stuck his finger in my ear
<[Nik_]> lmao wtf
<Morgie> well, not from him
<newt> ew
<[Potty]> and then he licked my face
<[Nik_]> newt that would NOT be cool WTF
<Dev> mmm wet willy
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> so I licked his face back
<[Nik_]> WET WILLY!!!!!!! *licks face* WHAT THE FUCK DOUCHE
<[Potty]> and then he started kissing me
<[Potty]> AT MY GRANDMA'S HOUSE. Ohhh me
<newt> then did you start jerking each other odd?
<[Potty]> and so
<[Nik_]> lmao
<newt> off*
<[Potty]> haha no
<Morgie> dang
<[Nik_]> um newt LET HIM TELL THE STORY GAWD!!!!
<[Potty]> And then we got under some sheets
<Dev> eww yo grandpa?
<[Nik_]> knai
<[Nik_]> *lmao
<[Potty]> no
<[Potty]> GAWD
<newt> lmfao
<[Nik_]> omgzzzz0r
<newt> rofl
<[Nik_]> rofl
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> and made out
<[Potty]> and then
<newt> how old were you?
<[Potty]> he tried to go down on me
<Morgie> ooooOOOOoooo
<[Nik_]> *grandpa comes in with wrinkley dick and balls sagging to floor* HELLO ALEX *licks dentures*
<newt> lmfao
<[Potty]> I was like, "nooo" cuz I had never did this before
<[Potty]> this was at 14 years old
<newt> ooo
<[Potty]> like 2 years ago
<[Nik_]> omg you SLUT.
<Morgie> wow
<[Nik_]> >:|
<[Potty]> both of them were at 14 actually
<Dev> them?
<[Potty]> stories
<Dev> oh lawd
<Dev> oh
<Dev> o
<newt> well you coulda AT LEAST jerked off in front of each other
<Dev> k
<[Nik_]> ive never had anything THAT arousing happen to me. tha lyke craziest thign i did was make out in a carnival ride >:|
<[Potty]> And then we stahhted a relationship
<newt> GAY*
<[Potty]> and we went to parks
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<[Nik_]> CIRCLE JERK withonlytwopeople
<[Potty]> and went to the bathroom
<[Potty]> hehez
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> and in back of vans
<[Nik_]> um sick.
<[Nik_]> jaykayh
<[Potty]> and did tha NASTY
<[Nik_]> wellnotreally
<[Nik_]> thatissick
<Dev> urinal sexxxxxxxx
<[Nik_]> you did do the nasty?
<[Potty]> um, no.
<[Nik_]> DETAILz on the nasty part
<[Nik_]> oh
<newt> wait DETAILZ
<[Nik_]> >:|
<Morgie> jesus lawd
<newt> :|
<[Nik_]> false adverTISiNG
<[Potty]> ahhhhhhhicantremembereverything
<newt> did you jack off on his face?
<newt> NOT GAY
<[Nik_]> omg im not gonna sleep tonight
<Morgie> you guys are dorks
<[Potty]> Ew, no.
<[Nik_]> im gonna be thinking of spenser SUCKIN POTTYS DICK
<[Nik_]> jaykAY
<newt> lmfao
<[Potty]> hahahahahaa
<Dev> oh lawd
<[Potty]> We just did stuff
<newt> like jack off?
<[Potty]> and that was one of my first times
<newt> *takes notez*
<Dev> pin the tail on the anus
<[Nik_]> wow if anyone has done anything REMOTELY as crazy as potty press 2
<[Potty]> lmfao
<newt> .......1
<Morgie> 7
<[Nik_]> lmao
<newt> lmao
<[Nik_]> 5
<Dev> 2
<Morgie> lol
<[Nik_]> no 8
<[Potty]> 69
<newt> lmao
<Dev> i went to steak and shake...
<[Potty]> hahaha
<Dev> and i ordered 2 fries
<Dev> instead of one
<newt> wow FATTY
<[Nik_]> and you shoved them in someones cunt?
<Dev> creamy hands anyone?
<newt> did you jack off into them?
<Dev> rofllll
<Dev> hahahaha
<[Potty]> Chinese sperm!?
<[Nik_]> omg SOy SAuZE
<[Potty]> is brown
<[Potty]> hahaha
<[Nik_]> so is yo skin
<newt> lmao
<Dev> well lets jsut say i spent an interesting afternoon at potty's grandparent's house
<[Nik_]> and my po0p
* Dev pushes potty's fro back
<[Potty]> I swear an asian didn't ejaculate on me
<[Nik_]> lmao
<newt> DETAILz
<[Nik_]> ONE TIME AT POTTYS HOUSE *Flashback to grandma cumming on face*
<[Potty]> lmao
<newt> lmao
<[Nik_]> *grandpa
<[Potty]> rofl
<[Potty]> Ew sick
<[Potty]> haha
<[Nik_]> is yo grandpa sexy
<[Nik_]> tell him to call me
<[Nik_]> RAWR
<[Potty]> I haven't seen my grandpa in a long time
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Nik_]> is he dead?
<[Potty]> No
<[Nik_]> oMg wheres is he burieed
<[Nik_]> *neCRoPHEliA*
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> but he lives in Virginia
<newt> rofl
<Dev> Vagina?
<[Nik_]> omg *giggles*HEHEHEHEHHEHE
<[Potty]> I'm going to see him for Father's Day though. ^_^
<newt> omg anne's vagina
<[Nik_]> HEHEHEHEHEE*givesbirth*
<[Potty]> lmao
<newt> lmao
<newt> soo did anything else happen potty?
<[Nik_]> yeah
<[Nik_]> i need somethin to get me hard
<Dev> besides morgie
<newt> lmao
<Dev> ;]
<[Nik_]> lmao what?
<newt> are you serious nik?
<[Nik_]> the FUCK
<[Potty]> Um yeah
<[Nik_]> no
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<[Potty]> but those aren't as interesting
<[Nik_]> i was jay kaying
<[Nik_]> doy
<[Nik_]> >:|
<newt> oh
<[Nik_]> omg poTTEH tell em anywayszzzzzzz0r
<[Potty]> hahah I. Am. A. Whore.
<Morgie> i saw two birds doing it once....
<newt> NO YOURE NOT okaykinda
<Morgie> lol
<[Potty]> omg I dont even remember
<[Nik_]> so umm spense is the only one youve ever like had anay sexual thing with?
<[Potty]> haha morgie
<Morgie> swear
<Dev> what kind of birds
<[Nik_]> *doves fuck*
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> Nope
<newt> *shoots birds*
<[Potty]> he's not the only one
<newt> *dove cum EVERYWHERE*
<[Nik_]> um okay then youve suCked other peoPLES DICKS?
<[Nik_]> lmao
<Dev> morgie hwat kid of birds
<Morgie> they were doves... and then the next day, bluebirds were gettin kinky by my house!
<[Potty]> gahh I lost my virginity at 10 or 11 and I didn't meet Spenser until I was 14
<newt> PLZ :|
<[Nik_]> i mean have you like had any kind of sex with someone eslse? IF SO EXPLAIN PLZ
<[Nik_]> lmao
<newt> DE. TAILz.
<newt> :|
<Dev> ooh kiddie pornoz
<[Nik_]> rofl
<newt> you gotta tape this shit
<newt> surriously
<[Nik_]> *home movie of potty at age 10* *grandpa walks in with crisco* LUBE UP PARTNER :)
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> lmfao
<[Potty]> eww
<newt> *grandma shoves cane into ass*
<Dev> but grandpa wheres the saddle?
<[Potty]> Omg I cunt even remember all of my sexual experiences
<[Potty]> I've had too many
<[Potty]> But those 2 were the best. ^_^
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<newt> AwE
<newt> those were SO ROMANTIC
<[Nik_]> <newt> *grandma shoves cane into ass* lmfao
<[Nik_]> rofl
<[Nik_]> yah i know
<newt> so sweet <%^$^%#$
<newt> AWE
<Dev> can i get rights to the novel
<[Nik_]> *cums in mouth* *tries to kiss* GROSS! GO AWAY! EW! <---AWE^345636746436
<newt> lmao
<Dev> lmaO
<[Nik_]> *hits with baseball bat*
<[Potty]> And then I found out today that Spenser said he was going to ask me out again awhile back.
<[Nik_]> **CHICKEN LEG
<newt> *cum shoots across room* *breaks vase* CLEAN IT UP NIGGER
<newt> oo DRAMA
<[Potty]> lmfao
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<[Nik_]> rofl
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Nik_]> omg
<[Nik_]> i cant breathe
<[Potty]> But I dont know what I would have said. Probably No
<[Potty]> rofl
<[Nik_]> cuz spens's cock is in mah mouth
<[Nik_]> jAYKAY
<newt> lmfao
<[Potty]> hahahahha
<[Nik_]> omg why didnt you suck SPENSE!???????????????????
<newt> potty, those were so AROUSING
<[Potty]> cuz he's a giver
<[Potty]> not a reciever
<[Nik_]> oh :)
<Morgie> lol potty
<newt> AWE
<[Nik_]> CUTE
<[Nik_]> :)
<[Potty]> haha
* [Nik_] vomits profusely
<[Nik_]> jaykizzle
<NemesisD> wow what are you hookars still doing up
<newt> does that mean YOU'd be the one shoving your dick into his crEViCeZ?
<Dev> rofl
<Dev> u missed EVERYTHING
<[Nik_]> listening to SHENANIGANZZZZZzz
<[Potty]> Yah, but I didn't.
<[Potty]> I mean
<[Potty]> we dry humped
<[Potty]> but that's ALL
<newt> how?
<[Nik_]> no that would make spense the reciever
<[Nik_]> DOY
<newt> DE. TAILZZZZz
<[Nik_]> if spense is a giver hed FUCK POTTY UP THE ASS >:| STUPID CUUNT
<[Potty]> Clothes on
<[Potty]> wait, he's both then
<[Nik_]> no tell about the other blowjobz n stuff
<NemesisD> dude anyone listen to loveline tonight
<[Potty]> He gives blow jobs and recieves it up tha ASS
<[Nik_]> NO
<[Nik_]> WE
<[Nik_]> DIDNT
<newt> OFFTOPIC :|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|
<[Nik_]> :|:|:|:|:|
<Morgie> not really
<[Potty]> I dont do that last one
<Dev> i did
<[Nik_]> SHHH
<[Nik_]> lol
<NemesisD> are you guys that retarded that you can't talk about more than 1 thing at a time
<[Nik_]> yah
<NemesisD> jaysus
<newt> *is debating whether or not to kick out nemesis*
* [Nik_] has ADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddddddddd
<[Potty]> hahaha
<[Nik_]> lmao
<NemesisD> why don't you debate whether or not to fuck j00rself :D
<[Nik_]> robbiEZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzpoopsmells
<Dev> Potty's Porn <my brainz
<NemesisD> ill talk to mrog
<Morgie> ooooooooooo
<Morgie> hey
<NemesisD> hi
<[Nik_]> oooh diSs
<[Nik_]> whatevah
<[Nik_]> okay potty have u ever sucked anYONE
<[Potty]> He was the reciever during dry humping.
<[Potty]> oMg yah. ::::::BLUSH:::::::
<NemesisD> all i was going to say was that AFI was on and this girl called in to say she gave herself a tattoo of davey from the band by cutting herself and pouring ink on it
<Morgie> whats the hullaballo on loveline?
<Dev> was it LONGNGGGGEr than yours
<NemesisD> thats all jeeze you nazis
<Morgie> ewwwwwwww
<[Nik_]> okay who did yoU SUCK and where and when and how
<newt> DEtailz :D
<[Potty]> hahhaha
<newt> this is interesting
<Morgie> she stole my idea!
<[Potty]> There's been a few people
<Morgie> thatcunt
<[Nik_]> okay well get started cuz i wanna go to bed eaqrly-ish
<newt> what were their namez?!
<[Potty]> Chris, Charlie, Joe, Quayshawn
<newt> lmao
<Dev> Quayshawn rofl
<[Potty]> Um, thats all I remember
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<[Potty]> so far
<[Nik_]> okay FUCK Quayshawn
<newt> *normal names then QUATSHAWN*
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> lmao
<newt> quayshawn lmao
<[Potty]> lmao that was his name
<newt> i believe it
<[Nik_]> Bob, Joe, Mike, DARiONOmARMauRiCE
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> lmfao
<Dev> roflllll
<[Potty]> OMG 1st kiss in public pool with everyone staring. NOT. MY. INTENTIONS.
<[Nik_]> with a guY?
<newt> ew
<[Potty]> yes :S
<[Nik_]> wait have u ever had sexxXXXXXXXXxxxxxual rela8ons with a gurl?
<[Potty]> He jumped on my back
<newt> did you get a bonah?
<[Potty]> No
<[Potty]> No
<[Nik_]> omgz skandalz
<[Potty]> and kissed me
<[Potty]> and then I went underwater
<newt> how far have you gotten with lance?
<[Potty]> without telling him
<[Potty]> so he didn't get a breathe
<[Potty]> *breath
<[Nik_]> dETAILZ
<[Nik_]> you should fuck lance
<[Nik_]> hes pretTY SEXY
<[Potty]> Um no cause Lance is not gay.
<[Nik_]> WTF
<Dev> ahahaha funny
<NemesisD> lol denied
<Morgie> lol
<[Potty]> haha
<Dev> DIja suck off CODY
<newt> oh bummahz
<[Nik_]> well you didnt think that one guy was gay until he started lickin yo face
<newt> you should ask him
<[Potty]> Yah, I know
<NemesisD> licking faces is gay?
<NemesisD> shit
<[Potty]> He's going to say no.
<[Nik_]> yah if you licka guy
<[Nik_]> lol nem
<[Nik_]> DOY
<newt> sucK hiS DICK FIRST
<newt> then ask him
<Morgie> in certain situations lol
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<newt> then he'll say yes :)
<newt> AWE <%
<[Nik_]> UNZIP hiZ PANtZ AND SUCK. THAT> COCK. and then be like "are you gay?"
<[Nik_]> that wouLD BE fuNNEH LOLZzie
<newt> that's how ALL GOOD relationships begin
<[Potty]> It's easier at a younger age because kids dont really know that much about sex. When I say younger I mean 10-14
<[Nik_]> LolZzzzie mcguirE
<[Potty]> not Michael Jackson type thing
<NemesisD> take him to the movies and share a popcorn
<NemesisD> then cut a hole in the bottom
<[Nik_]> FUCK!.
<NemesisD> then suck his dick?
<[Nik_]> my stupid mom said i have to get off in like a minute >:| hurrY
<[Potty]> What?
<[Nik_]> yah but shes FURIOUS
<[Nik_]> notreally
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> haha
<newt> its almost 3 here HEHEHEH
<NemesisD> tell her to get to bed and stfu
<NemesisD> before you give her something to cry about
<newt> but these sex stories are t00 SCXCXCANDALOuZXZ
<[Potty]> haha. *publishes autobiography*
<newt> omg do it
<newt> i'd buy it
<[Nik_]> okay can you like seroiusly tell the story?
<[Potty]> ahhhhhh lol
<[Nik_]> cuz i really do have to go sooon
<[Nik_]> lolz
<[Potty]> What story?
<[Nik_]> of the other BLOWJOBZ n shyt
<NemesisD> the story of bagger vance
<Morgie> nik, go suck off a dude, THE END
<newt> surriously
<[Potty]> omg I dont remember how they started
<Dev> morgie is so SASSY
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> we were watching TV
<[Nik_]> um NO. :|
<newt> lmao
<Morgie> mhmmmm
<[Nik_]> HELL nawz
<[Potty]> omg nO i"ll tell the one about JOE
<Dev> im all sunburnt
<[Nik_]> lmao
<Dev> :O
<newt> okay sounds good
<[Potty]> ok we played this game called "House"
<NemesisD> please stick to gay sex thanks
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> And you make a family
<[Nik_]> YES.
<Dev> ^rofl
<[Nik_]> :|
<[Potty]> a mom, dad, children and such
<Morgie> plz
<[Nik_]> yah
<newt> um my questioned pertained to his gay sex *rolleyes*
<[Potty]> And Joe was the dad...and I was the mom. :S
<Dev> ROFL
<Dev> ROFL
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<Dev> hahahahahahahaha
<[Nik_]> omg did you wear an apron
<[Nik_]> and high heeled shoes
<[Nik_]> and lipstick
<newt> so.... you're the one who took it?
<[Potty]> lmfao
<[Nik_]> and a wig
<NemesisD> house doesn't wear an apron
<[Potty]> no
<newt> or sucked it?
<newt> whateva
<NemesisD> he uses a cane
<[Potty]> SUckeD
<Dev> did you put ure gramma in a bib and a bonnet
<[Nik_]> yah his grandpa
<newt> ooo GOOD TO KNOW
<[Potty]> we put tha children to bed
<[Nik_]> you sucked him? how the fuck did that happen
<newt> did you have to wear a dress?
<newt> and a wig?
<[Potty]> no
<[Nik_]> shuTUP NEWT
<[Nik_]> SHUTUP
<newt> and a plastic vagina/
<newt> NOT GAY
<Dev> didja goto the market to get some asparagus
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> No. Just my nomal clothes
<[Potty]> lmfao
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Nik_]> asparagus
<[Potty]> plastic vagina. rofl
<newt> lmao
<newt> rofl
* [Nik_] shoves apsaragus up ass
<Morgie> if you douchebags are gonna ask, STFU so potty can talk
<Morgie> jesus
<[Nik_]> yah
<[Nik_]> suriusly newt
<newt> okay continue :)
<[Nik_]> shut up
<[Nik_]> >:|
<[Potty]> omg where wuz I
<[Nik_]> oMG WHERE
<[Nik_]> lol jk
<newt> the mom and dad shit
<Dev> and the asparagus
<[Nik_]> you put the kids to bed
<[Potty]> OH yah. Put children to bed
<newt> lmao
<Dev> rofl
<Dev> rofllllllLLl
<[Potty]> and then went into our "bedroom"
<newt> *transcribes chat*
<[Potty]> lmfao
<[Nik_]> omgz
<[Potty]> ewww
<[Potty]> dont
<[Potty]> haha
<[Nik_]> okay tell the story
<newt> continue
<[Nik_]> dont listen to newt
<NemesisD> goodnight kidz, daddy and daddy have to do grown up stuff
<[Nik_]> because hes obviously a FUCKTARD
<Dev> this is gonna be on MYSPACE hunnay
<[Nik_]> >:|
<[Potty]> Oh god I cant remember what happened next
<[Nik_]> lmfao
<[Potty]> we said something
<[Potty]> about sex
<[Nik_]> *posts blog on myspace* POTTYS SEX LIFE REVEALED
<[Potty]> "Mommies and daddies have to have sex"
<[Potty]> ahhhhh
<[Nik_]> did you both know eachother were geh?
<Dev> rofllllllllLLlLllLLl111!
<newt> *whispers* 'howbigisyourdick'
<[Potty]> No. I dont even think he was gay.
<[Potty]> Yo0 know how some guyz are
<[Nik_]> lmao okay but he let you suck his dick? NigGAPLZ
<[Potty]> AnYthing for a BJ
<Dev> *whispers* ill only do it if you dont tell my pals
<[Nik_]> rofl
<[Potty]> Lol. Some straight guys are like that.
<newt> *whispers* i painted my dick gold for you
<[Potty]> They'll let a gay guy give them a BJ
<newt> wow
<Morgie> BEEN THERE! lol
<newt> lmao
<[Nik_]> *holds plastic shovel up to throat* I'LL SUCK YOUR WEENIE IF YOU DONT TELL MOMMIEEEE *shoves binky in pussy*
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> rofl
<Dev> roflrofl
<[Nik_]> omg cuntinue
<newt> ah good times
<[Potty]> haha
<[Potty]> Ok last one.
<[Potty]> With Devoyé
<[Potty]> that was his name
<Dev> ^who the fuck
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> We played "Doctor"
<Dev> potty your a hoe
<newt> who was the patient
<[Nik_]> devins like WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!11
<[Potty]> haha. He was hafl blaque half german
<[Potty]> He was
<[Potty]> I was the doctor
<newt> ooo
<[Nik_]> how the fuck is that possible
<[Potty]> who did the surgery
<[Nik_]> :|
<[Potty]> and feeling ^_^
<[Nik_]> did hitler fuck a nigga or something
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> inspection
<[Potty]> lmao
<newt> hitler was AUSTRIAN >:|
<[Nik_]> OOPz
<[Nik_]> *cuts 6 times for tuesday*
<[Potty]> His dad was german
<Dev> i have to check your throat but im all outta popsicle sticks
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> omgZ then we played SpIn the B0ttl3
<[Nik_]> "...but i do have something thats wooden *shoves hard cockintoMOUTH*"
<[Potty]> hahha
<[Nik_]> omg for a sec i thought u said u played the sims
<[Nik_]> i was like omg hORnY GAME
<newt> haha
<[Potty]> lol
<newt> it is
<[Nik_]> notreally
<Dev> rofl i always make the ladies have sex when i play that game. :[
<[Nik_]> okayyeahalittlebit
<Dev> sims 2. = pornnnnn
<[Potty]> haha
<[Nik_]> MY DAD ALWAYS MAKES THE FIRST MOVE :) imean um..my..wife *shiFTyeEYz*
<newt> yah okay... this is GAY SEX talk
<newt> notsimz
<[Nik_]> FUCK. YOU.eventhoughyoureright:(
<Dev> i gave the sims to my friend :[
<[Nik_]> *HOW COULD YOu
<[Nik_]> i thought jews didnt give anything away lolz
<Dev> she saw all the lesbian accounts i made rofl
<[Nik_]> omg you perV
<[Potty]> hahaha
<[Nik_]> okay potty where are you CONTINUE THE STORY
<[Nik_]> im DYING HERE
<[Potty]> I dont remembah
<newt> THINK
<Dev> Quayshawn
<Dev> hurry
<[Potty]> THE. END.
<newt> okay he was the patient THE END.
<NemesisD> gottagotobed bye
<[Potty]> Omg I already talked about Quayshawn.
<Dev> andelay andelay
<[Nik_]> iios
<newt> AWE IM AROUSED notreally
<Dev> talk about chris
<[Nik_]> you sayd you were playing doctor or something
* NemesisD has quit IRC (Quit: night )
<Dev> or joe
<[Nik_]> or Jamal
<[Nik_]> or Omar
<newt> or mike
<newt> lmao
<newt> or kunta
<Dev> or the cast of Sistah Sistah
<[Potty]> Quayshawn was the one who licked my face and I thought he was straight
<[Potty]> hahaha
<newt> lmao
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> hehehe
<newt> what about bIll CosBy
<Dev> or UPN
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> omg I didn't fuck the whol3 world
<[Nik_]> omg DON KING hes SeXy
<newt> MMM EAT YO PUDDIN *cums all over pottys face*
<Dev> what about ruben STUDard
<[Nik_]> idunnowhothefuckthatis
<[Nik_]> rofl
<[Potty]> lmfao
<[Nik_]> JELLO SNAXXxxxxxxxXxporno
<[Potty]> hahaha
<Dev> oh lawd
<Dev> whyd you play house?
<[Potty]> omg you're so late
<[Nik_]> did you ever shove jello in someones ass and then tell them to fart it out and get it into yo mouth?
<[Potty]> Um, cuz we were bored
<[Potty]> Iguess. I cant remember
<[Nik_]> ew you did?
<[Nik_]> diSGUSTing.
<[Potty]> But that was the game all children played when they wanted sex in my neighborhood
<newt> lmao
<Dev> did you sharpen yo pencils in his ass
<[Potty]> LMfao. No nik
<[Potty]> nope
<Dev> roflrofl nik
<Dev> aqhhahhahahahaha
<Dev> ima pee
<[Nik_]> omg i smell bad again wtfniggerpottyjewdevin
<newt> um DEODORANT >:|
<[Potty]> What. The. F***********
<[Nik_]> i wish i was a minority now it seems like the HIP thing to do
<[Nik_]> its not cool to be white anymore
<[Nik_]> :(
<[Nik_]> cuz the niggas dont include you
<[Nik_]> in their barbeques
<[Potty]> omgI just gave blackwind masturbation material for tonight
<newt> lmao
<Dev> ahaha
<[Potty]> lmao
<Dev> and puddin
<newt> you gave us ALL masturb8ion material
<[Nik_]> omg he doesnt need any
<Morgie> maybe if you stopped calling them niggers nik
<[Potty]> hahaha
<[Nik_]> matt already gets lyke soo much action in his basement
<[Nik_]> lmao morgie
<[Nik_]> well um..its hard not to. LOLz
<[Nik_]> they call eachother niggas anyway >:|
<Dev> morgie is the Sassiest Bitch i know
<[Nik_]> theyre like hey nigga "hey nigga" n im like HEY NIGGA *gets shot*
<[Potty]> Not all of them.
<Dev> i ruv roo
<[Nik_]> yah they doO
<Morgie> thanks Scoob
<[Nik_]> my niggas do
<[Potty]> I don't.
<Dev> nigger is a word
<[Potty]> lmao
<Dev> so is cock
<Morgie> yes, it is, now kindly shove it
<[Potty]> So is footupyoASS
<[Nik_]> i actually rarely say nigger in real life *SHOCKER*
<[Nik_]> unless im talking to newtlolz
<newt> lmao
<[Nik_]> but yah the only time i say nigga like in real life....a nigga is always right behind me :|
<Dev> my school is mostly black. if i said nigger id be in one of potty's stories.
<Morgie> yeah Nik, you're all fuckin talk
<[Nik_]> psh]
<[Nik_]> i can walk AND TALK
<[Potty]> Haha. I dont even think I've said that word 10 times since I've been living.
<[Nik_]> well obviously:|
<Dev> say it ten times and Niggerjuice will appear
<[Nik_]> lmao
<[Potty]> lmaoooooo
<newt> lmao
<[Nik_]> omg say it 5 times in the mirror and Tupac will appear
<[Nik_]> OMGz
<[Potty]> rolf
<[Nik_]> he'll bite your eyes out with his griLL
<Dev> oh lawd lamo
<[Potty]> haha
<Dev> has anyone sucked yo cock with a grill in
<[Nik_]> lmao
<Dev> im guessing that would take the taste away kinda like canned soda
<newt> yah
* Dev dances the dance of the river
<[Potty]> no
<[Nik_]> i h8 canned soda but its all i can afford :( *cuts coupons and shoves into alyssas 17 year old cunt*
<newt> lmao
<newt> rofl
<[Potty]> lmao
<Dev> lmco
<[Nik_]> ~raven
<Morgie> canned soda, as opposed to fresh soda
<[Nik_]> hehEz
<Morgie> from the soda market
<[Nik_]> bottled soda, morgie
<[Nik_]> lolziez
<[Nik_]> oh j00
<Dev> the well of soda
<[Nik_]> **half j00
<[Potty]> hahaha
<Dev> WATCH OUT SAMARA Likes the Spritez
<[Nik_]> fountain of SoDAAAaaahmy
<Morgie> ahhahaha! you!
<[Potty]> j00/j3rman mixxxx
<[Nik_]> rofl dEVIn
<[Nik_]> OMG I WANT SPRITE *samara bites head off*
<Dev> omgzzz!!!!111
<[Potty]> hahahaha
<Dev> nik watch this youll like it
<Dev> http://youtube.com/watch?v=TA1TIFqWubg
<newt> omg it's 3am X_X
<[Potty]> Omg. I need to go though. It's aftuh 3AM
<[Potty]> ahhh twiNz
<newt> haha
<Dev> is Quayshawn there?
<[Nik_]> *w8s ten years to load
<Morgie> 5 after!
<newt> lmao
<[Potty]> ok, byeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEE~raven
About this Entry
May. 31st, 2006 @ 11:48 pm I fucking hate my life
woo i am cool d00dz. I made a livejournal like a year ago lmfao. I only did it to comment this really weird girl that I liked for maybe one day. Then i was like.... okayshesadyke. If you happen to read this, abby, plzdie. So yah, that's why I made this BULLSHIT
Okay, now I'll like talk about what's happened to me today... HEHE mylifefuckingsucks

okee, before school I saw my klepto friend and he was like HAHA NICE SHIRT itwastheshirthestoleformeshhh, so yah that was funneh. and then lyke later on, people were flocking around something and i was like HEY D00DZ and my friend was like NO WERE NOT LOOKING AT PORn, ROBBIE GAWD. I was like 'hehe thatwastheonlyreasonwhyicameoverhereanyways' but i said it sarcastically, but i dunno if anyone sensed the sarcasm..? I dunno, but yeah, i don't want people thinking i'm a perv because I definely am not one. I *AM* numbah one in the class, and a moral citizen.
First Period. Study hall. DID NOTHING, literally.
Second Period. Band. Played tha drum set and tha tambourine. EVENTFUL, HUH?!?! ihatemyself
Third Period. Gym. We went outside and played tennis baseball. I dunno, it was really gay and so I put in 0 effort, like the rest of my team HEHE
Fourth Period. Earth Science. Oh my 70 year old teacher was randomly like EVERYONE. BEND. OVER... and we were all like '...? WTF' then he finally was like 'togetthebooksunderyourdesks'. It wuz funneh.
Fifth Period. Spanish. We reviewed..? I cunt remember anything funneh.
Sixth Period. English. We watched Raisin in the Sun, but I wrote my DBQ essay instead.
Seventh Period. Math. Okay, this is my favorite class. We pretty much just went over a bunch of questions because we're taking the final in class tomorrow. I asked for my practice exam back, that we took last week. I got a 90 on it. I fucking suck. I did the stupidest things evERR. OMG. Okay, like I wrote down 338.2464.. whatever and I was being retarded and to round, I wrote 336 and circled it and wrote ANSWER. Gah, I hate me. I better do good on the final tomorrow X_X
Eighth Period. Global History. We did packetz in shit. This gurl next to me asked me if I was Italian. Like, wtf, I don't even look Italian. I told her I was Irish. I don't even look Irish either. This got me thinking. Because I look white, and that's all that matters. AWE <#

Okay, I came home and I cammed with LYZZA, and we had a grand ol' tyme. Then I went on LJ n shyt. okay, blah blah.

I DOUBT anyone just read that, but I wrote it, so read it IF YOU WISH. I'll try and use this shit more often. I gotta be more social or something because that sucked X_X
About this Entry